Leo Babauta on Minimalism, Productivity and Creating Positive Habits

Posted by Jason Ferruggia on May 1, 2014

RenRadioPromo2014BABUTALeo Babuta, the best selling author of The Power of Less, sat down with Alli and I to discuss minimalism, productivity, how to establish positive habits and so much more.

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Today’s Topics Include:

  • How Leo turned his life upside down
  • The biggest reason why people fail to keep their habits
  • How spending less time on social media can actually increase your following
  • Leo shares his social media strategy
  • How to create truly great content
  • Leo’s daily success routine
  • How even the busiest person in the world can meditate and increase productivity
  • How to get the best sleep possible
  • The best way to get your family to join your minimalistic change
  • The ugly truth about goal setting


Find more from Leo at ZenHabits.net and on Twitter at @Zen_Habits