Aubrey Marcus Talks Shamanism, Travel, Business, Alternative Medicine and Poetry

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

aubrey-marcus2In today’s episode, I sat down for a one on one chat with CEO and Founder of Onnit, Aubrey Marcus.

On top of his duties at Onnit, Aubrey manages WarriorPoet.Us, a blog dedicated to expanding exploring the tools of modern philosophy and spirituality.

In this wide ranging interview, we discussed shamanism, his travels across the globe, poetry and how he founded Onnit.

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • What is shamanism and why YOU should care about it
  • Why Aubrey hits the float tank at least once a month
  • How Marijuana enhances deep tissue and mobility work
  • Blue Lotus Oil and the magical opiate experience
  • The #1 city in the world to visit
  • Why Aubrey loves poetry
  • From college to marketing sex toys to founding Onnit
  • How a 4 hour dinner discussing aliens and volcanoes got Joe Rogan on board
  • The story of Alpha Brain
  • How Onnit generated of 90% of their sales
  • Aubrey’s advice on starting a biz
  • Breaking down the Shroom Tech Sport formula
  • Why Onnit doesn’t use Whey
  • What the future holds for Onnit

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Notes From The Show

If you’d like to learn more about Shamanism, Aubrey has written about it extensively HERE.

You can learn more about Float Tanks and find one near you at

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