Increase Testosterone, Improve Sleep, Cure Hangovers

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

When it comes to the science of bio-hacking and strength training, Dr. Mike Hart is the go-to expert. Not only is he an MD, he is also a nationally published author and speaker in both the US and Canada.

On today’s episode, we talked about the importance of maintaining your testosterone level as you age, debunking some of the myths around the treatments available, and how to stay in optimal condition as you age.

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • The best way for athletes to get in shape
  • How to rewire your brain
  • The importance of breathing properly
  • How guys can maximize their testosterone levels
  • How to increase your risk of death 3x
  • The top 3 natural sleep aid remedies
  • The fastest way for guys to drop their estrogen level
  • The truth about testosterone replacement therapy
  • The prostate cancer myth
  • What test(s) guys should get check to test testosterone levels
  • The high cholesterol myth
  • The pro’s and con’s of medicinal marijuana
  • The real effects of performance enhancing growth hormone
  • Dr. Mike’s take on MCT Oil
  • How to structure the Renegade Diet to fit your life
  • The ultimate hangover cure
  • 5 steps for anyone to improve their life

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Notes From The Show

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