Getting Jacked, Strong, and Built Like a Badass — Joe DeFranco

Wanna know the best methods for getting big, strong, and athletic? Today’s episode is just for you. My guest is Joe DeFranco. Joe is one of the most successful coaches in the entire strength and conditioning world and has worked with countless pro athletes, including none other than the 14 time WWE world heavyweight champion Triple H. I’ve known Joe since 1996 and our training styles evolved in a very similar fashion, due to a lot of the same influences, which is one of the reasons I enjoy talking training with Joe more than just about anyone else on the… continue reading.

Bruce Lee: Strength Training and Martial Arts

As a kid, I was obsessed with Bruce Lee because of his martial arts skills. Later, it was because he’s arguably one of the most important figures in the world of physical culture. As an adult, I’ve come to appreciate Bruce Lee, the philosopher, even more. I even read quotes from him nearly every day. My guest on today’s podcast is Charles Russo, who wrote an outstanding new book about Bruce called Striking Distance: Bruce Lee and The Dawn of Martial Arts in America. Charles is full of incredible, little-known stories about Bruce that he shares with us today. Topics include:… continue reading.

Is Sugar F*cking Up Your Body?

  Most of us know sugar is bad. But just how bad is it, really? What are the negative effects we should be worried about? The unfortunate reality is that sugar contributes to chronic health problems like Alzheimer’s, fatty liver disease, and cancer. It can wreak havoc on gut health and your immune system. For more on this, I enlisted the help of sugar expert and the man who wrote the book on it, Dan DeFigio. In this episode we discuss: Sugar’s overall impact on your health The 4 types of sugar addicts Sugar and depression How to avoid gut… continue reading.

Faster Recovery, Anti-Aging, & How to Prevent Cancer – Eric Merola

Eric Merola is a documentary filmmaker. On today’s podcast we focus mainly on his films about curing cancer and the amazing life changing benefits of fetal stem cell therapy. I think you’ll find the discussion fascinating and frustrating at the same time, if not slightly angering.  That’s because a lot of it is about the lies being perpetrated by big pharma and the greed fueled corruption that keeps people sick. Topics include: The doctor who discovered a cure for cancer How the government tried to silence him Why donating to cancer research is a huge waste Why you should never… continue reading.

Smarter Training, Accelerated Learning, & Better Living with Luka Hocevar

My buddy, Luka Hocevar is one of the smartest and most impressive dudes I know. In this episode, he drops a ton of amazing knowledge bombs that could have a huge impact on your life, your business, and your fitness. You’ll definitely want to have a notebook out for this one and will probably want to listen twice. Topics discussed include: The 3 keys to accelerated learning (and retaining what you learn) The importance of “ready, fire, aim” Why making decisions faster is the key to success When surrendering is the right move The best way to run a personal… continue reading.

Cheat Meals, Ending Toxic Relationships, & Battling Anxiety

On this episode, I’m joined by my brother from another mother of another color, Kenny Johnson, and my homie, Jay Jablonski. We talked about all kinds of stuff from meeting Dr. Dre to ordering pizza from your shoes to my Sam Kinison-like intensity. Tune in to listen to us chat (and sometimes yell) about topics including: The essential email you have to send The “feel good” rep scheme Reintroducing wheat To what lengths would I go for a superpower? Music recommendations Tim Tebow, GSP, Kendrick Lamar The problem with Major League Baseball Death row meals Rap battles Minimalism tips What… continue reading.

The Mad Scientist of Strength, Muscle, and Disease Prevention — Tom Incledon

Tom Incledon may have the answers to all of your health related questions. He’s spent his entire career testing thousands of people and has seen it (and helped correct) it all. Tom has more degrees and certifications than Eminem has rhymes. These include a B.S. in Exercise Science, B.S. in Nutrition, M.S. in Kinesiology, and Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology. He’s a member in over 30 different scientific organizations and serves as a reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals. But he’s no 130-pound lab geek in a white coat. Tom has been ranked nationally in powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and strongman. His best… continue reading.

The Renegade of Self-Improvement — Philip McKernan

Philip McKernan is a speaker, coach, writer and filmmaker. He works with entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the world. When people are seeking clarity about their future or want to move through roadblocks, seen and unseen, they call Philip. As a speaker he has inspired and challenged the Canadian Olympic Team and The Pentagon, to name a few. What separates Philip from a lot of coaches, speakers and gurus is originality. He brings new conversations to the table and spends an obscene amount of time thinking and challenging the status quo, instead of simply repackaging business & life… continue reading.

Bodyweight Workouts, Embracing Minimalism, and World Travel with Mike Fitch

Some people have it all wrong. They go the gym 3-4 times a week and lift the heaviest weights possible and ignore bodyweight workouts and movements. More pounds on the bar, more weight on the scale. But, above all else, you’ve gotta be able to move your body. Freely and without pain or restriction. If you can’t do that, you have no business putting another plate on the bar. If you can’t do a perfect bodyweight squat, it makes zero sense to load the exercise. I’ve spent about eleventeen million hours in gyms throughout my life. I can probably count… continue reading.

Getting Shredded and Uncovering the “Best” Diets

It’s been a while since we’ve heard my brother, Kenny Johnson on the podcast. In that time he lost 43 pounds of body-fat, got shredded and competed in a physique contest. Like me, Kenny got his first visible 6-pack after his 40th birthday. That means there’s plenty of hope for everyone who thinks their best days are behind them. Not evenly remotely true. Today, Kenny and I are freestyling back and forth about: His exact diet plan and how it progressed. His training and cardio schedule. The diets we’ve felt best on. The difference between eating for health vs. continue reading.

Shorter Workouts for Better Results, Maintaining Motivation, and Life Lessons From a New Dad

Does a workout really have to last an hour to deliver great results? Can you really only train hard three times per week? Are deload weeks necessary? Is overtraining overhyped? I sit down with my good friends, Adam Bornstein, Luka Hocevar and Jay Jablonski to answer these questions and more in today’s podcast. Adam also shares some great life lessons from his recent health scare and what he’s learned so far as a dad. Other topics discussed include: The common weakness Adam and I share [4:02]. The importance of structure [10:09]. The dangers of always trying to do more [13:46]. Does… continue reading.

How to Be an Injury-Free, Ass-Kicking Machine with Dr. Mark Cheng

Doctor Mark Cheng is a ninja, a Jedi, and an evil genius. He possesses, what some might consider, magical, mystical healing powers. I met Doc Cheng a few years back and had him start working on some of my injuries. His ability to assess and correct dysfunction is second to none. He can tell what’s wrong with your shoulder by the way you walk. He can tell what’s wrong with your ankle by the way you talk. Maybe I’m exaggerating. Or maybe I’m not. In addition to being a respected healer and body worker, Doc Cheng is a highly trained… continue reading.

Essentialism: the Disciplined Pursuit of Less with Greg McKeown

For most of your life you’ve been told that you can have it all. You can do everything and be everything. But that’s bullshit. And trying to do and have it all will get you nowhere. It might even ruin your life. To have more happiness and success you need to do less. You need to say “no” more often. You need to be okay with “missing out.” It’s all about identifying the vital few and separating them from the trivial many. That’s the way of the “essentialist.” If you’ve followed me for any length of time you have heard… continue reading.

Escaping Poverty, Beating Cancer (2x), & Living the Dream with Alwyn Cosgrove

If you’re lucky you have one or two great mentors, teachers or coaches who change your life forever. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a handful of them. But, perhaps none have been as impactful as my great friend, Alwyn Cosgrove. Alwyn grew up poor in Glasgow, Scotland. Fighting was essential for survival, so he got a black belt and became a nation champion in Tae Kwon Do. He later became a strength coach and moved to the US, which is how we met at a training workshop in 1996. For the 20 years since he’s been one… continue reading.

How to Overcome Fear with Dr. Srini Pillay – Episode 142

Everybody has fears. They cause us anxiety and keep us awake at night. Most of these fears are imagined. They aren’t real. Mark Twain said, “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” Those who succeed in life and find happiness are those who can overcome their fears.  They can separate real from imagined. They face the fear and move forward. Those who cannot will remain stagnant, frustrated and crippled. This is not the life you want. In this episode, I sit down with the author of Life Unlocked, and… continue reading.