Bodyweight Workouts, Embracing Minimalism, and World Travel with Mike Fitch

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Mike Fitch bodyweight workouts

Some people have it all wrong.

They go the gym 3-4 times a week and lift the heaviest weights possible and ignore bodyweight workouts and movements. More pounds on the bar, more weight on the scale.

But, above all else, you’ve gotta be able to move your body. Freely and without pain or restriction.

If you can’t do that, you have no business putting another plate on the bar.

If you can’t do a perfect bodyweight squat, it makes zero sense to load the exercise.

I’ve spent about eleventeen million hours in gyms throughout my life. I can probably count on two hands the number of times I’ve seen someone do a perfect pushup. Sad but true. Yet the dude doing the shitty pushups as a warm up will readily lay down and start bench pressing.

Too many of us have it backwards.

Mike Fitch was once one of those people. He bulked up way beyond his natural weight and noticed an incredible drop in his mobility and movement efficiency.

In today’s podcast, Mike talks about his journey.

Topics include:

  • His awakening that led him to bodyweight workouts and mastery
  • How he created the Animal Flow system
  • Getting Equinox on board to promote his work
  • How to train for handstand pushups
  • How to properly progress your chin ups
  • The essential regressions and progressions for bodyweight exercises
  • Bodyweight training for maximum muscle
  • How much time per day you should spend on movement
  • His 3-day rotation diet
  • His decision to sell all his stuff and go full minimalist
  • Traveling the world without breaking the bank
  • Living in a new place every month
  • The most important business decision he ever made
  • The importance of giving back
  • His daily routine

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