Training with Back Pain, 3-Day Workout Splits, & How to Stay Motivated

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Not being able to do what you love sucks.

Whether it’s lifting weights, picking up your kids or playing rec league sports with your buddies.

You can’t do it when you have back pain. At some point in your life, you’ve probably experienced the misery.  Most people have.  Sometimes back pain can be avoided with smart training. Other times it’s just a freak accident and nothing could have prevented it.

Either way, I’ve got you covered in this new podcast episode.

I’m gonna tell you exactly what you need to avoid while rehabbing a bad back. Some of it will shock you.  I’m also going to share what to do in order to prevent future back pain.

You’ll definitely wanna listen closely and take notes. Trust me. I’ve been sidelined multiple times throughout my life with low back issues and it’s absolutely miserable.

Highlights of this episode include:

  • The truth about stretching.
  • Are these common ab exercises ruining your back?
  • What everyday movement pattern you have to avoid.
  • How sprinting can wreck your back… and how to prevent it.
  • The one thing you do each day that can make your back worse.
  • The rarely used exercise that reduces back pain.
  • The daily Rx for zero back pain. People get this one all wrong.
  • The #1 exercise for strengthening the glutes and all of the lower body muscles.
  • Improving mental focus at the gym.
  • Feeling great on a diet.
  • Some awesome 3-day per week training templates.

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