Shorter Workouts for Better Results, Maintaining Motivation, and Life Lessons From a New Dad

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Untitled designDoes a workout really have to last an hour to deliver great results?

Can you really only train hard three times per week?

Are deload weeks necessary?

Is overtraining overhyped?

I sit down with my good friends, Adam Bornstein, Luka Hocevar and Jay Jablonski to answer these questions and more in today’s podcast.

Adam also shares some great life lessons from his recent health scare and what he’s learned so far as a dad.

Other topics discussed include:

  • The common weakness Adam and I share [4:02].
  • The importance of structure [10:09].
  • The dangers of always trying to do more [13:46].
  • Does it matter if people like you? [27:24].
  • Why Luka’s always had a chip on his shoulder [29:14].
  • Why we always try to prove people wrong [30:46].
  • “Boners everywhere” [32:33].
  • How new dads can make time to train [34:29].
  • The benefits of short workouts [35:20].
  • High frequency training [37:44].
  • Breaking up workouts and prehab stuff [42:00].
  • How much intensity should you bring to your workouts? [42:29].
  • A better way to make training a habit [44:40].
  • How Crossfitters and high volume bodybuilders can get rapid strength gains [47:40].
  • The negatives of always trying to set PR’s [49:02].
  • How training can change your mood and focus [51:07].
  • The power of the support group [56:49].

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