Spartan Up: Transform Your Body and Mind with Joe De Sena

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Joe De joe-de-senaSena has never taken an ordinary approach to life.

Growing up around New York mobsters, Joe has been an entrepreneur since childhood.

His grit, perseverance, and drive helped him build up multiple successful businesses before he broke his way into one of America’s top universities and took his success to Wall Street where he continued to thrive.

Despite this track record of making things happen, you’ll know Joe for his most recent global business, the world’s largest obstacle course racing series, Spartan Race.

It seems like Joe finds a way to turn everything he touches into gold. He has a talent, right? In reality, it’s the character traits he has built through his militant discipline and relentless work ethic that have elevated him to where he is today. In today’s episode he shares with you the habits, thoughts, and actions that make up the foundation of his success.

Tune in to hear Joe talk about how he turned Spartan Race Inc into the worldwide phenomenon it is today, his plans to take it to the Olympics, his approach to training, nutrition, and productivity, and much more.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • 2:02: How the Mob influenced the start of Joe’s entrepreneurial career.
  • 5:11: What was Joe doing before he started the Spartan Race series, how did it get started, and where is it going?
  • 8:43: Joe’s plan to get Spartan Racing into the Olympics
  • 9:24: The crazy path Joe took to get into one of America’s top universities
  • 12:08: From Athleticism Endurance: The 7 Pilars of Spartan Philosophy
  • 18:43: The diet that keeps Joe healthy despite his insane work schedule and training routine?
  • 21:38: Spartan tips to improve mental toughness and resilience
  • 23:23: The Spartan Code of how to live: beliefs, values, and actions
  • 27:00: The morning routine and work habits that built the Spartan Brand and help Joe avoid distraction
  • 31:16: The first step to living the Spartan Life that you can do today
  • 32:00: Shoutouts to recent listener feedback and free prize giveaways

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