Shoulder Training, The Dark Side of Fat Loss & How To Get Paid

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Everyone wants to get #ripped. It’s all over magazine covers, internet ads, and your instagram feed.

What’s the cost?

Look, I am all about getting in great shape and love nothing more than watching people dominate their performance and body comp goals. But when it takes a turn from healthy to unhealthy, I gotta speak up.

Too many people out there let this unrelenting obsession with being shredded take control of their lives. You start chasing numbers on the scale, check the mirror 5 times per day, and critique your body fat levels as if you’re a supermodel before a Sports Illustrated cover shoot.

Take a step back and rejoin reality.

Fitness is a supplement to your life. Not your reason for living.

If this issue resonates with you, tune in to today’s episode to hear me discuss how you can redirect your training goals back to a place of health and performance, rather than obsession and self-criticism.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • 1:10: My thoughts on the start of the NFL season and the Colin Kaepernick 
  • 5:02: Finally taking a line on steroids in sports and the baseball Hall of Fame
  • 8:33: Beyoncé vs Rhianna, Kanye’s new video, the VMAs, #blessed, and music I am currently digging
  • 12:13: The one phrase that will ruin a relationship with a potential mentor
  • 16:01: Why does everyone have Vitamin D deficiency these days?
  • 18:08: Good exercises for improving shoulder mobility
  • 21:46: How to get rid of your To Do List
  • 26:11: Is it okay to squat 4 days per week?
  • 29:11: What are some good ways to eliminate foot pain and keep your feet healthy?
  • 32:46: How to set up your training on a tight schedule
  • 36:05: Becoming an ultra high level personal trainer
  • 40:25: My thoughts on the pros and cons of getting ultra lean and how to keep training from taking over your life
  • 46:15: How to train your legs when you’re playing rec sports or competing in season

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