Steroids in Sports, Medical Marijuana Benefits & Living Lean

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

The title of this one says it all. Jack and I go through everything from training and performance, to medical marijuana, problems with social media, pop culture, and the use of steroids in professional athletics.

This episode is guaranteed to give you some good laughs and practical takeaways for improving your life.

So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, crank up some old school hip hop, sit back, and enjoy this episode of Renegade Radio. 

If you only have a couple minutes, you definitely don’t want to miss the section on choosing whether you wanna get big and strong or stay lean and ripped.

And if you’re looking for a good laugh, check out our rant on the biggest problem in the Instagram fitness world.

Today’s Topics Include:

1:57: The crazy migraine that knocked me out of commission this weekend

3:28: My thoughts on A-Rod ,his exit from the New York Yankees, and steroids in baseball and other sports

5:44: Who is the real home run king and how should athletes handle steroid accusations?
8:49: How big of a problem is doping at the 2016 Rio Olympics and what should the competitors do about it?

11:18: Lessons on life success from Michael Phelps and Derek Jeter

13:46: What your Uber passenger rating can tell you about yourself

16:11: Medical marijuana breakthroughs and my recent, awesome edible weed experiences

18:46: What effects can marijuana have on your recovery and progress in the gym?

21:13: An update on my current training (and training equipment I am loving)

22:53: Why Instagram is the best social media platform and everything else sucks

26:04: The weird, elitist, social media fitness trend that Renegades have to unite against

30:28: My thoughts on the WWE brand split and the future of Pro Wrestling.

32:07: Clarifying recent confusion about Smitty Diesel’s barbell training comments

34:41: Updates on my current music playlist

37:56: Finding your personal identity in fitness: big and strong or lean and ripped?

44:06: What are the characteristics of a good teacher and coach?

47:18: Can cancer be cured or prevented with lifestyle and nutrition

50:47: Are nootropics like Alpha Brain worth using?

52:14: How would I train High Pitched Eric from the Howard Stern show?

55:12: The top 5 books on strength training

1:01:30: Can you do hard conditioning and low intensity cardio on the same day?

1:02:57: What are the problems with upright rows for getting big traps and a big upper back?

1:05:28: What’s the best way to set up an arm day?

1:08:11: What happened to former Renegade Radio co-host Kenny Johnson?

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