Optimizing Gut Health & Digestion With Wade Lightheart

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

WadeLightheartI’ve made it my mission to simplify nutrition. To destroy the myths that convince you getting in shape requires sacrificing your lifestyle.

In today’s episode I’m joined Wade Lightheart, a plant-based, natural bodybuilder, and an expert on eating for health, performance and longevity. He has an incredible amount of knowledge on how to eat and train for supreme health and vitality.

In today’s episode Wade and I sit down to discuss things such as the high-protein myth, and the diet to look and feel better than ever.

Also, be sure to check out Wade’s awesome product Masszymes. I’ve used and recommended this product for years; it’s one of the few supplements that has actually made a difference in the way I feel on a day-to-day basis.

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Thank you for listening and enjoy the show.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • 0:00 An introduction to gut health, the protein myth, and his awesome digestive enzymes product.
  • 3:35: How Wade’s start in fitness and nutrition happened in the back of a barn
  • 6:17: What training mistakes did Wade make that he still sees today?
  • 9:29: The psychological benefits of having a coach
  • 10:32: The whackiest diets Wade and I have ever followed and our experiences as vegans and vegetarians
  • 18:39: The often overlooked benefit of a plant based diet
  • 23:16: An overview of Wade’s current diet and his current thoughts onthe importance of gut health
  • 28:46: The downsides of antibiotics as a medicine and a component of our foods
  • 32:47: Wade’s lifestyle approach to counting calories and manipulating his body composition
  • 33:40: Dissecting the protein myth and understanding the importance of enzymes in protein synthesis
  • 42:05: The nutrition supplement that, regardless of what the research says, gets the best results in real life.
  • 45:33: The benefits of supplementing with enzymes and probiotics, including anti-inflammatory effects
  • 53:29: What’s the best diet for mental clarity and how can you customize a personal nutrition protocol?
  • 56:43: What are the downsides of too much fat or a ketogenic diet?
  • 1:00:10: Wade’s fasting strategies to boost his health and longevity and how you can try them yourself
  • 1:03:25: What’s the low level of fat intake where hormone problems start to occur?
  • 1:08:21: What to look for in a digestive enzyme product and why they work
  • 1:14:09: How to identify the optimal probiotic supplement

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