Extreme Motivation With Diamond Dallas Page

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

2014-08-08-ddpProfessional wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page, has been a world wide entertainer for over 20 years. His work ethic, positive mindset, and incredible commitment to relationships propelled him to the multiple world titles in the WCW and a prolific career in the WWF.

He is also the founder of DDP Yoga, a revolutionary fitness program that combines the restorative methods of yoga with the body transformation techniques of calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, and strength training.

Today, he is here to drop knowledge on the mindset strategies that helped turn him into not only a successful businessman, but also a world-class human being that touches thousands of lives every day.

If you want business, personal development, fitness, or relationship advice, this episode is for you. And for all the wrestling fans, like me, DDP shares a ton of hilarious stories that peel back the curtain on professional wrestling.

You don’t wanna miss this one, so tune in to hear Diamond Dallas Page on this episode of Renegade Radio.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • 0:00: Introducing today’s guest, pro wrestling legend, Diamond Dallas Page, and his new career in fitness.
  • 4:18: DDP’s strategies for drowning out negativity and climbing to the top of the wrestling ranks.
  • 9:00: What do you do when you find yourself struggling to reach the success you hoped for?
  • 11:35: DDP’s transition from managing nightclubs to professional wrestling, and the drastic impact it had on the wrestling culture
  • 15:43: How DDP’s training crew supported and pushed each other to success at the original WCW Power Plant training facility.
  • 22:30: When Jake the Snake lost a 12 foot snake in DDP’s apartment.
  • 31:00: Did DDP ever doubt himself when he got pulled off the air and saw his wrestling career potentially coming to a close?
  • 38:03: Putting to rest the age old mantra of “it’s all about who you know”
  • 42:05: Finding the passion to soldier through resistance and assert your value
  • 48:30: The behind the scenes story on Raven’s transition from the ECW to the WCW
  • 55:50: How external focus on helping others drove DDP’s success in wrestling and life
  • 58:50: The ZIg Ziglar quote that transformed DDP’s life
  • 1:01:26: DDPs thoughts on nutrition and recommended resources of taking care of your body and mind.
  • 1:05:30: The fastest, easiest, simplest way to immediately improve your self-confidence and outlook on life.
  • 1:08:04: What has been the biggest change in DDP’s life over the past 30 years?
  • 1:11:44: How to find out where Jake the Snake is today
  • 1:14:30: Muhammad Ali’s impact on DDP’s mindset and sense of self
  • 1:23:27: How pull yourself out of a negative headspace and re-infuse positivity into your life
  • 1:28:45: The most meaningful review of Resurrection, the documentary on Jake the Snake
  • 1:30:45: Achievement vs. fulfillment and finding the balance in your life
  • 1:35:55: More about DDP yoga and the effect it can have your health and your life
  • 1:39:00: DDP’s relationship with the wrestling superstars of his day

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