Top 7 Ways To Boost Recovery (Build Muscle Faster) – Episode 476

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

You train your a$$ off in the gym.

It’s imperative that you only put the highest quality foods in your body. 

Yet you’re STILL not seeing the results you want. 

Or maybe you like what you see in the mirror, but you constantly feel like sh*t… 

Your joints are banged up, your energy and libido are low, your mood is all over the map.

If any of this sounds familiar it could be because you’re overlooking one of the most crucial factors in building the body you deserve. 


What you do during the 23 hours outside of the gym is just as important as the hour you spend in it. So today I’m gonna give you 7 ways to help ensure you’re fully optimized and looking and feeling your best. 

  • 3 effortless ways to drastically improve sleep quality. [2:46]
  • What should you be doing to minimize stress levels? [5:23]
  • Don’t discount the importance of adding (and removing) these things to your life. [10:49]
  • Can you improve your results by doing less? [14:08]
  • Are you giving your body the fuel it needs? [18:55]

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