Stop Training Like This

Posted by Jason Ferruggia


I’ve cracked the code to getting lean.

And it doesn’t include MetCon, AMRAP, or any type of circuit training. 

In fact, you can get lean without any cardio. 

… Although I don’t recommend it for optimal health.

So how should you train to lose fat, build muscle, and optimize your health? 

Listen and learn:

  • What’s the minimum effective dose of cardio? [4:42]
  • Are there benefits to ladders, AMRAP, or MetCon? [8:45]
  • How to build better athletes or become more athletic yourself. [14:40]
  • Why you should stop doing CrossFit (or never start). [25:53]
  • When’s the ideal time to shut off screens before bed? [30:10]
  • What training advice would I give my younger self for better gains? [32:24]
  • Is there a smart way to bulk and cut? [38:39]
  • Why I no longer rage against the machines. [44:48]

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