Purpose, Performance, and Leadership with Paul Epstein – Episode 385

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Paul Epstein is a globally renowned expert on how purpose impacts everything we do and he’s got the wins to show for it.  He’s also a keynote speaker, coach, consultant and the author of the #1 bestselling book, The Power of Playing Offense.  

Paul spent nearly 15 years as a pro sports executive for several NFL and NBA teams, global agencies, and the NFL league office.  He transformed numerous NBA teams from the absolute bottom in league revenue to top-two in financial performance.  He’s also broken every premium revenue metric in Super Bowl history as the NFL’s sales leader.  

He believes his many accomplishments are directly connected to the moment he found his Why – the purpose that drives him in everything he does.  Now Paul’s mission is to help others discover their Why, ignite their passion and purpose, and ultimately fulfill their true potential.

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Show Notes:

  • Paul’s background and how he found his calling. [3:58]
  • What are his core values and why should you establish your own?  [11:04]
  • Why his life wouldn’t be what it is today without belief and growth.  [13:00]
  • A simple framework for going after what you really want.  [17:31]
  • Game changing advice on building relationships.  [21:07]
  • Paul’s book and The 5 Pillars of Playing Offense.  [26:58]
  • What creates a great culture?  [35:00]
  • The difference between partners, tourists and prisoners on a team.  [38:29]
  • How to deliver feedback for optimal results.  [40:10]
  • What are the traits that great leaders possess?  [45:28] 
  • What are Paul’s daily habits, rituals and non-negotiables?  [49:34]
  • Who are his favorite athletes of all time?  [55:10]


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