The World’s Most Potent Transformational Tool w/ Paul Austin

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

From deep healing to creativity, leadership to spirituality, business, health, human performance, relationships, sexuality, and even culture itself – every aspect of our world is being transformed by psychedelic medicines.

And my guest today, Paul F. Austin, is one of the most prominent voices in the realm of psychedelics. 

As the founder of Third Wave – an organization that has educated millions about the importance of safe and effective experiences – his groundbreaking work at the intersection of psychedelics, personal transformation, and professional success has earned him features in Forbes, Rolling Stone, and the BBC’s Worklife.

He recently authored “Mastering Microdosing” a comprehensive guide that explores the practices, benefits, and potential drawbacks of psychedelics, and he’s here to share how you can use the world’s most potent tool to transform your life… 

  • Are psychedelics the key to self-discovery? [8:14]
  • Is it possible to link your brain’s hemispheres? [11:10]
  • What are the differences between cannabis and psychedelics? [21:27]
  • Are there any daily practices that lead to enlightenment? [26:30]
  • Use this to reduce chronic inflammation and increase neuroplasticity in the brain. [29:35]
  • Your guide to peak performance and productivity. [34:31]
  • How much should you take for a mystical experience? [48:33]
  • Which medicine is right for you? [53:24]
  • What are the downsides of psychedelics? [1:07:09]

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