Metabolism School w/ Sam Miller

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Sam Miller is a best-selling author in the field of nutrition and metabolism with more than 15 years of experience as a health, fitness, and nutrition coach. 

He’s a certified nutritionist and licensed, board-certified health practitioner who has been a content contributor for Muscle Intelligence, T-Nation, and Elite FTS (to name a few).

Sam has an uncanny ability to dissect complex concepts into simple, strategic methods for transformation. And today, he’s giving you a masterclass in macros, metabolism, and functional health. 

Get your notepad ready!

  • What are the 2 main pillars of metabolism, and how do you regulate them for peak performance? [16:07]
  • What is your grip strength trying to tell you? [25:35]
  • Should you be eating for aesthetics or longevity? [34:07]
  • Do you need to stop tracking macros? [46:18]
  • 3 simple ways to improve your gut health. [1:02:32]
  • What does optimal hydration look like? [1:26:26]
  • Overrated/Underrated: Bloodwork? [1:34:30]

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