Man Up with Bedros Keuilian – Episode 290

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

My guest today is the Immigrant Edge and the American Dream.

He’s the founder and CEO of Fit Body Bootcamp, author of the best-selling book “Man Up,” and one of the most successful and iconic figures in the fitness industry.

Most importantly, he is an amazing human being and a man I’m proud to call one of my best friends, Bedros Keuilian.

In this episode Bedros explains the strategies, habits and shifts in mindset that can help take anyone from a struggling “crop duster” to a high performance “fighter jet” in life.

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

• What role has training and nutrition played in his success? [7:35]
• The non-negotiables that help Bedros dominate his day. [12:40]
• How to identify your 5% and move the needle forward. [15:25]
• The events in his life that led to massive change. [17:23]
• The exact steps to gain clarity and identify your purpose. [23:40]
• What is his “traveling monster” and how did he defeat it? [32:58]
• Where does the chip on his shoulder, fire in his belly and rage in his eyes come from? [42:30]
• Do your ONE thing – The art of going pro and stopping the “idea fairy”. [48:30]
• 3 points you should focus on today to become a high-level human. [56:28]
• How does he manage work/life balance? [1:00:15]


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