From Dumpster Diving to Multi-Millionaire: Bedros Keuilian

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Bedros KeuilianBedros Keuilian is the American dream and an amazing and inspirational success story.

He and his family escaped Communist Russia and came to the United States when he was six. They grew up rough, dumpster diving for food. But Bedros eventually turned it all around. He went on to build an ultra successful multimillion-dollar business, which helps hundreds of thousands of people every year.

On top of that, he is also one of the greatest and most down to earth, loving, caring, generous, fun, funny people you will ever meet. And one of my best friends in the world.

Topics include:

  • How his family escaped Communist Russia
  • How they got food out of dumpsters
  • His first few jobs
  • What he learned working for Disney
  • What led him into the fitness industry
  • How he opened his first gym
  • The importance of mentors
  • How to increase productivity
  • Blocking out distractions to get more done
  • His morning routine
  • The importance of fitness in his life
  • His current summer shredding diet
  • How to stay driven and humble
  • Lessons for new dads
  • Building meaningful relationships
  • Increasing your reach on social media
  • How to become a leader
  • And much more

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