A Journey of Self-Discovery with Former UFC Fighter, Kyle Kingsbury – Episode 270

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

How well do you know yourself and your true identity?

Better yet, what can you do to learn more about yourself and find an identity that will bring you more peace, happiness and fulfillment?

For Kyle Kingsbury these answers were found in some not so common and perhaps surprising places.

A now retired professional MMA fighter, Kyle spent a good portion of his life being angry. This anger served him well when he made his living trying to hurt other men but not so much once he stepped out of the octagon.

Realizing that being happy, content and satisfied with his place in this world meant more to him than winning fights, he set out on a journey of self-discovery.

In this episode Kyle shares the story of his personal transformation, which took him from being an angry, unsatisfied fighter to a man that is totally at peace with his life and his role as Director of Human Optimization at ONNIT.

If you’re interested in learning the methods and mindset that can help you undergo your own personal transformation, you don’t want to miss this episode!

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • Kyle’s carnivore experiment gone horribly wrong. [8:07]
  • What new products have him excited over at ONNIT? [14:14]
  • Why he felt the need to let go of his previous identity, and how he did it. [16:05]
  • How he has used plant medicine to obtain a new perspective on life. [21:55]
  • The benefits of walking meditation and the different forms. [26:23]
  • Why health will be your #1 concern sooner or later and Kyle’s personal transformation since retiring from fighting. [30:03]
  • How have ayahuasca ceremonies improved his life? [33:22]
  • What tools has he used to improve cognitive function? [38:19]
  • His transition from working at a strip bar to Director of Human Optimization at ONNIT. [43:05]
  • What tools does he use to maximize recovery? [45:12]
  • If he could only strength train 1 day per week, what are his go to movements and tools? [52:08]
  • The importance of keeping training fresh and changing on a daily basis. [55:57]
  • If he could go back in time, what would he change about his training? [58:57]
  • Fit for Service Mastermind explained. [59:57]
  • What does the future of the podcast look like? [1:02:25]


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