Jen Widerstrom of The Biggest Loser & American Gladiator – Episode 356

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Jen Widerstrom is one of the most bada$$ and successful women in the fitness industry today.  She’s also one of the kindest, most genuine and likeable people you’ll ever meet.   

Inspired by her dad, Jen fell in love with fitness at an early age.  Her passion for training led her to LA where she became an American Gladiator and eventually took over for Jillian Michaels on TV’s, “The Biggest Loser”.  

She’s an incredible coach and highly sought after personal trainer and the proud owner of her newest passion project,  GetUP CBD.  

In this episode we cover making 2020 a GREAT year, the often overlooked keys to success, how to be the happiest, most authentic version of yourself, and so much more!  

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Show Notes:

  • Why 2020 has been a GREAT year for Jen. [4:40]
  • How did she first discover her passion for fitness?  [8:07]
  • The benefits of training that go beyond looks and performance.  [11:05] 
  • When did she know fitness was the right career for her?  [12:05]
  • How did she end up being cast on American Gladiators?  [13:27]
  • Why a sign from “above” convinced her to stay in LA.  [16:51]
  • How she got started coaching and grew her private training business.  [19:17]
  • Hustle isn’t enough – the keys to incredible success.  [21:55]
  • Why “be yourself” is so much more than a cliche.  [21:55]
  • Her thoughts on the downside of social media.  [29:29]
  • How quarantine improved her relationships and made her happier.  [33:40]
  • Her thoughts on narrowing her circle, losing friendships, and being better because of it.  [35:21]
  • The challenge of stepping into the spotlight where Jillian Michaels once stood.  [39:38]
  • Jen’s advice for fitness pros who are just starting out.   [46:33]
  • What does her business look like now?  [48:23]
  • Her new company and passion project, GetUP CBD.  [53:32]
  • How does Jen train now?  [55:28]
  • What does she do to bounce back from a bad day?  [1:04:27]
  • How she decides what she will and will not say “yes” to.  [1:09:18]
  • Why she is most excited about herself right now.  [1:11:57]


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