Obstacle Course Racing, Eating, and Training with Hunter McIntyre – Episode 272

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Hunter McIntyre is not only one of the most accomplished endurance athletes in the world, but he also has the kind of physique that almost every red-blooded man on earth would love to have.

However, his story doesn’t begin with success and a jacked body.

After years of hard partying and run-ins with the law left him with nothing but a boatload of heartache and unfilled potential, Hunter found himself participating in a Spartan Race on a whim.

Still hungover from the night before, he finished only 8 minutes behind world champion, Hobie Call. Obstacle Course Racing instantly became the catalyst to the change he needed in his life.

Now known as “The Sheriff,” Hunter has become a dominate force on the OCR circuit. He’s a champion of Stone Cold Steven Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge and an Elite Spartan Athlete.

In this special episode of Renegade Radio, co-hosted by my good friend and world-renowned strength and conditioning coach, Joe DeFranco, Hunter shares his story and secrets to success.

From his intense training regimen to his unconventional approach to nutrition, he details the methods and mindset that have helped him pummel his competition and become a champion.

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • Why he has decided to pursue his passion for the iron. [8:45]
  • His colorful past and superhero origin story. [9:43]
  • “Work hard and you become hard.” How hitting rock bottom and going to rehab led to his new life. [13:01]
  • How his training has evolved in his pursuit to be a well-balanced athlete. [17:46]
  • What does a typical week of training look like now? [22:07]
  • How many hours does he train per day and what does a high intensity workout look like? [24:08]
  • Has he sustained any serious injuries doing OCR? [27:20]
  • How he manages to break the “rules” of nutrition and still stay ripped. [28:21]
  • What methods does he use to recover from brutal races and high intensity training? [30:06]
  • How to use social media “like a battleship”. [33:05]
  • What mindset do you need to become successful at OCR? [34:24]
  • Great resources to help you build a stronger mindset. [36:22]


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