Living Unscared with Brian Mackenzie: Endurance Training, Breath Work, and Why You Need to Unplug – Episode 206

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

If you want to improve your performance, optimize recovery and build endurance, Brian Mackenzie is the man to listen to.  From breath work to proper programming, to ice baths and saunas, Brian has a toolbox with something for everyone in it.

Brian is my guest on Episode 206 of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast.  He is a world-renowned strength and conditioning coach who founded Crossfit Endurance and Power-Speed-Endurance. He is also the author of several great books including “Unplugged: Evolve from Technology to Upgrade Your Fitness, Performance and Consciousness”, “Power, Speed, Endurance” and “Unbreakable Runner”.

In this episode, we discuss the relationship between strength and conditioning.  Brian details how to add conditioning to your training without risking injury or burnout.  We delve into how to breathe to improve performance, provide tips for optimal recovery, talk about the mistakes people commonly make in training and so much more.

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Show Notes:

  • Why everyone can suffer anxiety and stress from too much exposure to social media.  [5:33]
  • The life lesson he learned while surrounded by sharks in the ocean.  [10:35]
  • Why “Unplugged” is not about totally removing technology but how to use it more effectively.  [11:39]
  • Why the co-author of Unplugged, Dr. Andy Galpin, didn’t like Brian at first.  [14:59]
  • Is it possible to evolve while you’re still young or does it only come with age?  [20:09]
  • How Brian determines which relationships to prioritize and put time and effort into.  [25:50]
  • His early days as a coach and how he developed the Crossfit Endurance training methods.  [30:10]
  • How the creation and evolution of catapulted Brian to success.   [35:43]
  • How his introduction to Laird Hamilton sparked the creation of Extreme Performance Training (XPT).  [38:02]
  • How a training mask helped him develop his breath work methods.  [42:51]
  • Why almost everyone can use breath work to optimize recovery and improve performance.  [53:07]
  • The mistakes people commonly make in their training.  [56:43]
  • Brian’s instinctive approach to his own training and conditioning.  [1:00:01]
  • His thoughts on how conditioning and endurance training affect strength.  [1:00:56]
  • How to add conditioning to your training program without setting yourself up for injury or burnout.  [1:05:37]
  • Why he likes the Dorian Yates approach to training.  [1:13:31]
  • Recovery methods that Brian uses daily.  [1:16:01]
  • Can some recovery methods actually add more stress to your body? [1:16:46]
  • How to correctly implement ice baths and saunas.  [1:17:46]
  • Why it’s important to get outside and spend more time in nature.  [1:21:04]
  • Why you should leave your sunglasses at home sometimes.  [1:24:27]
  • The pros and cons of wearable fitness technology.  [1:26:43]
  • How to prepare your feet for minimalist shoes and barefoot running. [1:32:54]
  • What is VO2 Max training and why is it important?  [1:35:44]
  • The best predictors of mortality and why you may want to become a farmer or gardener (or at least live like one).  [1:38:19]
  • Tips for success, decision making and maintaining balance in life.  [1:40:59]
  • What is Brian’s biggest struggle or weakness right now?  [1:46:30]
  • His “meat eating vegan” nutrition plan.  [1:47:18]
  • How Kelly Starrett inspired Brian’s Instagram handle and his mantra.  [1:49:12]


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