The Realistic Approach to Eating Right with Dr. Chris Mohr – Episode 280

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Do you find yourself confused and overwhelmed when it comes to nutrition?

How and what should you eat? What should you eliminate?

One expert says to avoid carbs at all costs, and eat a high fat diet, and the next says the exact opposite.

One says you need to eat 5-6 times a day for optimal results and the other says meal frequency and timing doesn’t matter.

It becomes even more confusing when you look at the plethora of diets; carnivore, low carb, high carb, carb cycling, keto, paleo, low protein, high protein, vegetarian, vegan, IF, flex dieting, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s insanity!!

You just want to know what works and what doesn’t.

Dr. Chris Mohr has made a career out of teaching people simple, practical and effective ways to eat for a healthy lifestyle. His website, Mohr Results, provides info that helps people juggle the demands of a busy life while fulfilling their desire to live actively and fully.

He is a nutrition spokesperson and consultant to a number of media outlets and corporations including Under Armour, Reebok, Clif Bar, Gatorade and Nestle. He has also served as the consulting Sports Nutritionist for the Cincinnati Bengals and University of Massachusetts Athletic Program.

He has appeared on several popular TV shows as a nutritional guest expert and served as the nutritional consultant on LL Cool J’s NY Times Bestselling book, “LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout.”

If you wanna take the guesswork and stress out of eating right, this episode is for you!


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Show Notes:

• What exciting things does he have going on in 2019? [4:54]
• What’s his take on current nutrition trends like the carnivore diet, low carb and keto? [7:28]
• Should you base your diet on the way you train? [10:54]
• What is his stance on meal frequency and intermittent fasting? [11:18]
• How he eats for overall cognitive function. [15:15]
• Does meal timing help improve performance and strength? [19:09]
• Has he worked with anyone who has experienced improved cognitive function from a keto diet? [20:03]
• What total protein intake does he recommend for the average person? [20:56]
• The Top 10 Foods to promote excellent health. [23:04]
• His “go to” list of supplements. [26:08]
• What are his thoughts on post workout nutrition? [29:09]
• How sleep impacts all aspects of your life. [30:36]
• How to get a good night’s sleep. [33:04]
• Why you should focus on the pillars (nutrition, sleep and movement) before anything else. [41:14]
• What does a week of activity look like for him? [42:18]
• Why we MUST have parameters around screen time. [44:09]


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In this episode Chris mentioned the OG of the fitness industry, Mark Sisson.  If you haven’t heard my interview with Mark yet, do yourself a big favor and check it out now.

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