Steroids to Psychedelics: A Journey to Self Love with World Record Holder, AJ Roberts – Episode 225

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

In this episode, I sit down with 2X World Record holder in Power lifting, and highly successful entrepreneur and success coach, AJ Roberts. We discuss his journey in and out of power lifting and how it almost cost him his life.

We talk about why chasing the dream isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, discovering your path to self-love, how to train with flow and out of love, not anger. AJ goes deep into topics steaming from childhood trauma and how if you can’t love yourself, you cannot love someone else. We also cover some great tips to help you grow your finances and add to your bottom line.

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Show Notes:

  • AJ explains the transition out of powerlifting and how he had to evolve or die. (3:14)
  • AJ breaks down the past 3 years of his life and how he broke out of the downward spiral he was in. (6:49)
  • Discovering his journey to self-love. How attending a personal development event, at a crossroad in his life, changed his path. (9:07)
  • What are the good, negative and observer voices? AJ talks about how he discovered a trigger in his life through a Tony Robbins event and how to discover them in you. (14:11)
  • His first ayuhasca ceremony and the childhood trauma that came to the surface from it. (19:38)
  • Allow love in, find your love language. Why knowing this is key to any relationship in your life. (26:51)
  • Train with the flow and out of love, not anger. Daily practices AJ does to ensure he is in tune with his body. (34:52)
  • Emotions aren’t things we have, they are what we create. What is his holistic approach to personal growth? (46:47)
  • The evolution of humanity. Technology today vs. just 10 years ago and how we are never alone. (55:00)
  • If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love someone else. AJ discusses how he fills the gaps in his life with the people in it. (1:01:34)
  • Respond to people, rather than push. How you can find out your personality type and how to use in your own life. (1:08:12)
  • It’s not the doing, it’s the knowing how. AJ gives practical/actionable tips to better your business. (1:13:35)
  • Mental Wise. Learn about his current business and how without the failure you cannot grow. (1:21:25)
  • Understand that what is most important to you, apply across the board. AJ gives his final thoughts and take action now! (1:32:15)


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