Powerlifter, Brandon Lilly on Getting Stronger, Measuring Success, and Finding Happiness – Episode 223

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

In this episode I sit down with Brandon Lilly. Brandon is a top ranked power lifter, author of “The Cube Method”, and “365STRONG”, as well as a respected strength coach. Brandon is ranked as one of the strongest power lifters of all-time. He has world class totals in multiple weight classes, both raw, and equipped — *2,110 lbs Raw Belt Only, 
*2,237 lbs Raw with Knee Wraps and 
*2,612 lbs Multiply Equipped.

We discuss learning from every situation, how a devastating injury changed his life, being happy is his new drug, self-awareness, and, of course, training to get jacked and strong.

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • How a devastating injury changed his trajectory in life and forced him to see his true self. (3:24)
  • “Pain pills don’t do anything for pain, but do just enough for you to get by.” His path to enlightenment was sparked by his use of marijuana and mushrooms. (10:26)
  • Ego is the enemy. How if he wasn’t strong, he wasn’t valuable. Brandon’s first DMT experience and how it brought out the insecurities in himself. (16:30)
  • “If you measure your life by the penultimate moment, you are going to have a lot of failure in your life.” Brandon explains how he measures failure. (20:15)
  • Being happy is his drug. When he began to prioritize family and focus on his morning routine, his engagement and productivity increased. (23:09)
  • “Understanding communication and honesty above all else will make your life simple and easy.” How to deal with things that come your way. (28:56)
  • “If I’m not sharing things that I care about and truly believe in, then I’m not being honest.” (33:19)
  • “If you can’t accept your body, how will you accept yourself?” Brandon talks about how meditation has truly changed his world. (46:26)
  • Brandon describes how he would train a 35-45 year old guy. (50:46)
  • The Cube Method. Brandon goes into detail on his training program and what it consists of. (55:34)
  • Top tips for a guy wanting to gain weight. Brandon gives advice from his expertise. (1:00:33)
  • What books have impacted Brandon the most? (1:06:47)
  • Favorite MC’s? (1:10:30)


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