The Unpopular Reality Of Progressive Overload – Episode 475

Posted by Jason Ferruggia


I’m sure you’ve heard that progressive overload is the most important thing in strength training. 

But you may be looking at it all wrong. 

In fact, the common approach to progressive overload may be complete BULLSH*T.


I know.

Put your pitch forks down.

Before you crucify me and label me a charlatan, press play. You may be surprised. 

  • Why does the commonly held approach to progressive overload need to be reconsidered? [1:45]
  • What’s the correct way to progress in the gym? [7:40]
  • So what’s the key to hypertrophy? [15:00]
  • Do you need to throw out your log book/workout tracker? [18:58]
  • Is progressive overload more than putting more weight on the bar? [23:40]

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WARNING: don’t buy into these 5 training myths!

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