Top 10 Success Skill Sets with Ashley Stahl – Episode 362

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

In 2009 Ashley Stahl was a lot like many of you may be now; confused, exhausted and unsure of what you’re meant to do for a career.  

Sick of applying for jobs, she considered starting her own business but panicked at the thought of creating money out of thin air.  

Fast forward to today and she is a career coach, empowering people around the world to discover their authentic careers, land more job offers and launch their dream businesses.  

So, how did she make the leap from a struggling employee tired of pretending to be someone else to a successful entrepreneur, business owner, career coach and someone with unshakeable confidence?  

That’s what this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast is all about.  Best of all, she tells you how you can do the same!  

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Show Notes:

  • Ashley’s background in counterterrorism.  [4:37]
  • Why it’s never too late to change careers.  [10:57]
  • A simple tool for identifying what you’re good at and like doing.  [15:29]
  • The two dynamics that lead to fulfilling work.  [17:36]
  • Will your core skill set and personality traits evolve over time?  [21:17]
  • The 10 Core Skill Sets (and how to know your #1).  [26:52]
  • Can you go from being an introvert to extrovert?  [30:12]
  • Lessons learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger.  [39:49]
  • What are the 10 Core Motivators?  [46:42]
  • Your Core Nature – a sneak peek at her upcoming book.  [56:57]
  • How to own a room when you walk into it.  [1:00:19]
  • The professional power of creating your own “elevator pitch”.  [1:03:26]
  • Ashley’s advice for getting the most out of the 10 Core Motivators.  [1:03:51]
  • When is her new book coming out and who is it for?  [1:04:50]
  • What was the inspiration for Cake Publishing?  [1:05:21]
  • What are her daily non-negotiables, habits, and routines?  [1:07:42]


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