How to Stay Safe in a Dangerous World w/ Tony Blauer

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Tony Blauer is a world-renowned self-defense & fear management expert who has been a visible force in the martial art, self-defense, defensive tactics, and combatives industry for over four decades.

His organization, Blauer Tactical Training Systems, has become one of the leaders in performance psychology, personal safety, and scenario-based defensive tactics and his programs save lives by teaching the mental and physical resilience needed to navigate volatile environments and handle physical threats.

Get your notebooks ready because he’s here today to help you get to know your fears and use them to stay safe in a dangerous world. 

  • The best self-defense system. [16:48]
  • How you’re telling yourself the rational lie. [32:58]
  • The most important lesson you need to learn in life. [37:24]
  • The difference between being a hero or a coward. [46:19]
  • Why knowing fear is the key to becoming your most dominant self. [1:01:54]
  • How to use the psychology of fear to your advantage. [1:39:06]

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