Shit You Don’t Learn in College with Zander Fryer – Episode 395

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

“Just because you’re on a path, doesn’t mean you should walk it. And just because you’re good at something, doesn’t mean you should do it… The difference between you and me is I’m actually living my dream, and you’re just dreaming one.”

Zander Fryer, best-selling author, internationally renowned speaker, and world traveler, isn’t just a corporate dropout. After leaving a successful corporate career at the age of 27, Zander started his company, High Impact Coaching, to inspire and provide entrepreneurs with the tools to create success in their businesses.

From nearly going broke, to generating a six-figure coaching business in less than four months, Zander’s training now impacts over 50,000 people in 22 different countries and at more than 300 organizations.

In this episode I sit down with my man Zander to discuss the essential life skills you need to succeed in 2021… and beyond.  We also discuss his upcoming book, “Sh*t You Don’t Learn in College,” and he provides some of his best tips to help you find your purpose and create a thriving business.  

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    Show Notes:

    • How to use the principles of AA to cope with the insanity we call 2021.  [5:40]
    • Zander’s secret to increased daily focus and positivity.  [7:40]
    • Why investing in your body is one of the best investments you can make.  [13:20]
    • A counterintuitive approach to sustained energy, focus, and cognitive enhancement.   [16:30]
    • How did he go from quitting his job to building a six-figure coaching business in less than four months?  [20:15]
    • Why viewing debt as a “risk” could be holding you back from achieving your greatness.  [26:25]
    • The UGLY TRUTH about college.  [32:15]
    • The user’s manual for your brain: four fundamental tools to help you live a fulfilled and purpose-driven life.  [39:45]
    • Want clarity around your purpose in life?  Here’s how to get it…  [47:10]
    • The biggest fear we deal with today, and what we can do to combat it.  [54:40]
    • Big picture tactics that will contribute to your personal and professional success.  [1:00:45]
    • “You’re not good enough, yet, but you can be.” How to separate yourself from your competition.  [1:07:20]


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