My Biggest Training Mistake Ever, and What Scares Me Most – Episode 349

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

We’ve got a listener Q&A episode of Renegade Radio this week where we discuss training volume, frequency, intensity, recovery, my biggest mistakes and much more. 

Then I address the importance of “packaging and presentation,” and how to show up every day as a superstar worthy of getting paid a million dollars an hour. 

Finally, I share some deep thoughts and life lessons on what we should all strive to avoid. 

Scroll Down for Show Notes:


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Show Notes:

  • How many sets should you do per muscle group, per week?
  • The difference between training for newbies and advanced lifters. 
  • How to eat for size without wrecking your gut. 
  • Optimal training frequency. 
  • One change females can make to their workouts. 
  • How to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. 
  • The key to making gains that no one talks enough about. 
  • How to present yourself like a rock star. 
  • Do clothes make the man?
  • Tips on making meditation easier and more effective. 
  • What to do when one side is much weaker than the other. 
  • My biggest training mistake ever. 
  • Who is on my WWE Mount Rushmore?
  • How often do I go to the beach? 
  • Programming sled pushes into your workouts. 
  • What scares me most?  


If you haven’t caught the last listener Q&A episode I did recently, be sure to check it out. You’ll learn how to build big legs without wrecking your knees and a lot more.

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