How to Get Big Quads, Save Your Knees, and Finally Grow Your Calves – Episode 346

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Once again 2020 keeps trying to kick our teeth down our throat.

But we gotta do what the late, great Chadwick Boseman said and, “Press on with pride. Press on with purpose.”

With that said, I’ve got another listener Q&A episode for you this week. 

This week we’re going to cover how to build big, powerful legs, learn lessons from bodybuilders and powerlifters, and a lot more. Don’t miss out!

Scroll Down for Show Notes:


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Show Notes:

  • How I decide what companies to work with. 
  • Thoughts on training legs once per week. 
  • Lessons from bodybuilders and powerlifters. 
  • A great way to use blood flow restriction. 
  • Training for banged up guys over 40. 
  • How to train for long distance strength endurance events. 
  • Dropping all squats and deadlifts from your program. 
  • My top 5 favorite leg exercises. 
  • The secret to building your calves. 
  • Post workout nutrition. 
  • Best water filters. 
  • How to incorporate steady state cardio. 
  • What I’m up to in SoCal. 


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