Healing, Harming and Helping the Human Body with Dr. Mark Cheng – Episode 345

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Dr. Mark Cheng is my healer, my teacher, my friend and my brother.  

A lifelong student of healing, harming, and helping the human body through martial and medical sciences, he has devoted countless hours across continents to connect the dots for his patients.  

Spending time with the man will not only improve your mindset and how you operate as a human being but also leave your body feeling healthier, stronger and more bulletproof than ever before.  (As long as he’s practicing medicine on you, not martial arts.)

If you can’t hang with Doc Cheng in person the next best thing is to listen to him right here on the all new #RenegadeRadioPodcast!  Today YOU have the incredible benefit of learning from Mark’s profound wisdom, impactful insights, and world-class coaching.  

Scroll Down for Show Notes:


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Show Notes:

  • The Man, the Myth, The Legend… How Doc Cheng became who he is today.  [3:43]
  • How his knowledge and scope of practice has evolved over time.  [11:25]
  • The incredible story of how he first met legendary Russian Strength Coach, Pavel Tsatsouline. [14:04] 
  • Why he says EVERY healthcare worker needs to know what Pavel knows. [15:46]
  • How a challenge from Pavel led Mark to train with him.  [17:53]
  • When did Mark officially become part of the RKC and how did it change the way he treats patients?  [23:05]
  • The 3 lenses through which he views patients.  [25:30]
  • Why does he credit humility for giving him the edge in his practice?  [28:10]
  • Can you make training hard AND rehabilitative at the same time?  [34:39]
  • The difference in “training” and “testing” and why you need to understand it.  [40:28]
  • Which is more important in training, tension or control?  [42:15]
  • How to improve your pressing movements and shoulder health with grip and tension.  [45:10]
  • Should you  squat deep or not?  Mark’s thoughts on range of motion.  [46:28]
  • Is it dangerous for your knees to extend past your toes in a squat?  How to assess your own ability.  [55:05]
  • How to improve the strength of your feet and why it’s so important.  [57:51]
  • Why you need to learn “the 4 pry’s” for squatting and hip hinging.  [59:31]
  • Why you may be creating a “false arch” by trying to grip the ground with your toes.  [1:00:41] 
  • Should you ever train barefoot?  [1:02:16]
  • Is overhead pressing dangerous or essential?  [1:02:47]
  • When and how to train chest exercises through a full ROM.   [1:07:45]
  • How to ensure foam rolling is effective instead of a waste of time.  [1:10:42]
  • Awesome tips for improving the health of your shoulders, elbows, and more.  [1:16:08]
  • What is K3 and why is it a highlight of Renegade Brotherhood events?  [1:18:32]
  • The ONE thing he says you must possess to be a great coach or teacher.  [1:24:07]


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