Stop Being so F’n Fragile: 2x Highland Games World Champ, Matt Vincent – Episode 245

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Matt is a traveling strength athlete, two-time Highland Games World Champion, author and host of the UMSO Podcast. He is also the founder of one of the most bad ass clothing and apparel lines around, HVIII Brand Goods.

Throughout his travels Matt was able to connect with some exceptional people who were chasing strength, fulfillment and personal development in every way imaginable. These experiences taught him the philosophy of “The HVIII”, which is self-improvement through self-loathing. He learned how to use his hate (for excuses, bullshit stories and mediocrity) as motivation to improve and excel. This idea became the spark for the creation of HVIII Brand Goods and led Matt to become a successful entrepreneur.

If you want to learn the principles that have taken Matt from struggling to successful don’t miss this episode!

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Show Notes:

  • The “irons in the fire” that help Matt pay the bills. [4:41]
  • Get the job done! Why you must avoid paralysis through analysis. [10:25]
  • How did he go from the owner of a failed bike shop to Highland Games World Champion? [19:40]
  • The HVIII Brand – What is the philosophy of the hate? [26:30]
  • How to build long-lasting relationships and “play to the bell curve”. [33:40]
  • Matt’s step by step method of training to get JACKED. [39:08]
  • What muscle building program does he recommend for the average person? [46:08]
  • His favorite recovery methods and mobility practices. (49:55)
  • Food is awesome! How Matt eats to stay strong and jacked. (54:27)
  • Is a “To-Do” list the secret to scaling a business and creating balance in life? [1:00:00]


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