Optimizing Brain Function with Evan DeMarco – Episode 269

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Do you want to know how to keep your brain healthy and strong? Would you like to improve your focus and concentration, and increase your energy levels, so you can dominate your days and achieve your big goals?

In this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast with Evan DeMarco you’ll learn simple, fast and effective ways to optimize your mind, your health and your life.

Evan is a clinical researcher, sports medicine and nutrition expert, and the chief marketing and medical officer of Omax Health.

His goal as a supplement and health expert is to help educate consumers on what a quality supplement is and why they should be taking it.

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Show Notes:

  • Why becoming a father motivated Evan to produce the best quality prenatal vitamins. [14:00]
  • Why YOU should take fish oil (as long as you know where your sources are coming from). [15:02]
  • What foods throw the omega 6/3 ratio out of whack? [22:02]
  • How do omegas improve cognitive function and reduce inflammation? [24:42]
  • Why your body is NOT made to do the same thing day in and day out. [30:50]
  • Daily hacks to optimize brain function. [32:30]
  • Tips to enhance your morning and frame your day! [35:40]
  • Does he use tools like the sauna or cryotherapy? [37:10]
  • What does his training look like? [40:35]
  • Is exercise the best thing to improve the health of your brain? [42:24]
  • Tips to stay healthy while traveling. [44:45]
  • The benefits of CBD and the science and misconceptions behind it. [48:17]
  • What supplements are most necessary for the human body? [57:28]
  • How Evan has been proven wrong and what gets him most excited for the future. [58:45]
  • 30 Days to a Better Brain: What can you do TODAY to optimize brain function? [1:01:57]


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