How to Double Your Income & Self Confidence – Episode 496

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

How you show up, the decisions you make, how you make people feel…

What you get from life is the direct result of how you choose to carry yourself. 

And if you’re not getting what you want out of life?

Take notes. 

I’m here today to help you double your income AND self confidence. 

  • If I started my business today, here’s what I’d do differently… [1:11]
  • What are the biggest mistakes most new trainers (and business owners) make? [16:43]
  • The 3 ways for you to become recession-proof.  [23:19]
  • How to embrace your flaws, overcome your self-limiting beliefs, and become unf*ckwithable. [28:50]

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The year is still young. You’ve got plenty of time to crush your goals and these simple changes will help elevate your body, mind, and life in 2023

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