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Top Ten Albums To Train To

A good friend of mine asked me yesterday what my top ten albums to train to were. After much thought and deliberation, here is what I came up with. Note that live albums and greatest hits were not allowed; strictly studio albums. Although it is blasphemous to mention their name in public and usually results in your being labeled a douchebag, and Fred Durst was the worst excuse for a rapper ever, Limp Bizkit did make some pretty good music to train to for a couple years there. 1) Rage Against The Machine- Rage Against The Machine 2) Rage… continue reading.

Death to Pop Music

Today I’m gonna put training on the back burner and discuss my other biggest passion in life which is music. The state of music today can be quite dismal at first glance. Every Tuesday when new albums are released I log onto iTunes and buy at least 30-50 new songs. I check the new releases, grab some stuff there and then end up spending a half hour searching out other stuff that somehow makes its way into my account. When I look at the top ten charts though, I’m usually sickened. T-Pain? Colby Calliat? Souljah Boy? Baby Bash? Fergie? Good… continue reading.

Yet Another Muscle Building Success Story

Well, all I have to say is, “nothing but results.” Your program has not only allowed me to have better time management, but has given me more of a life. I used to work out 5-7 days a week up to over an hour at most times. Every year I would get sick sometime around the months of March and late in the year in November and December, obviously due to overtraining. Now, I get to spend more time focusing on my studies for ministry, and spend more time with people than… continue reading.

The Truth About Intervals- Pt. 2

Yesterday, as expected, I ruffled a lot of feathers and generated a lot of positive responses with my post about why intervals suck. Some of you love doing intervals and others were in full agreement with me about their effectiveness. If you love doing intervals then you should continue to do them. Doing something you love doing will always improve your results. If you have very limited time, then you might want to opt for some kind of interval training as well. That is one of the benefits that the proponents of intervals sell- get twice the results in half… continue reading.

Starvation Mode Doesn’t Exist

By Brad Pilon The theory of Starvation Mode is something that fuels Obsessive Compulsive Eating in North America and throughout the world. To use a very basic definition, Starvation mode is when your metabolism supposedly slows down when you don’t eat enough calories. More often than not this definition is used to support very complex diet programs. These diets will tell you that not eating enough food will cause you to store more fat. Right after delivering this pseudo-science message of fear they then tell you the only solution is to keep eating, and here is the catch, you… continue reading.

A Pathetic Excuse

This is an old but very popular post from earlier this year. The email responses to this post were definitely among the highest of the year so I thought I would repost it for anyone who might have missed it. It was written the day after Randy Couture won the UFC world heavyweight title. ********* Last night, UFC legend Randy Couture came out of retirement and won the world heavyweight title at 43 years old. And some people’s excuse for why they are not stronger or bigger or leaner or a better athlete is because they are… too old?… continue reading.

A Great Back Exercise You May Have Never Tried

In the gym today we did one of my favorite back exercises. I don’t know what it’s called because I made it up. Before I get 26 emails from people telling me they made it up or they do it let me state that I made it up in “my own mind,” meaning I had never seen it done before and just came up with it one day. Maybe you did the same and I apologize ahead of time for upsetting you. If I write it in a program I usually call it… continue reading.

The Right Way To Do Rows

Many of us may remember watching Arnold training his back with seated cable rows  during that scene in Pumping Iron and thinking “Oh my God! He’s gonna break his spine with form like that!” Actually, half of us probably had that reaction. Those that watched in horror as Arnold rounded his spine were the “smart and educated” lifters. I know this because I was one. We were taught by several gurus about how dangerous this type of thing was so we just laughed as the greatest bodybuilder of all time ignorantly did his rows. “Imagine if Arnold… continue reading.

Two Cases Where Continually Lifting Heavier Weights Doesn’t Work

I constantly harp on the importance of getting stronger and continually striving to lift heavier weights. It’s the most surefire way to make long term progress. Adding more sets and decreasing your rest periods and adding intensity techniques are short term approaches and can not work forever. The only thing that can is getting stronger and lifting heavier weights. There are two particular muscle groups, however, where this principle doesn’t always apply. These muscles are the neck and the forearms. While you should strive to get stronger and improve your lifting poundages on neck and forearm exercises, there will come… continue reading.

Ginger Beef

Recipe courtesy of Metabolic Cooking Makes 2 Servings Ingredients • 2 sirloin steaks (4oz each), cut in strips • 1 tablespoon olive oil • 1 small onion, diced • 1 clove garlic, crushed • 2 diced tomatoes • 1 teaspoon ground ginger • 4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar • Salt and pepper Directions 1. Place the oil in a large skillet and brown the steaks in it over medium-high heat. 2. When both sides are well-seared, add the onion, garlic, and tomatoes. continue reading.

How to Get a Body Like Jessica Biel

Working in the fitness industry has to be the worst occupation in the world when you’re at a party full of people you don’t know. At least 75% of them will ask you about how they can lose “this” or tighten up “right here.” My favorite is when a 187 pound woman with a plate full of doughy, greasy food asks me how to get a body like Jessica Biel. By about the fourth such inquiry I usually start looking at the drapes and wonder how long it will take me to fashion a noose out of… continue reading.

Sick of Your Gym?

I was in public gym training last night; a situation I don’t like to be in. I walked in and right past all the girls on the treadmills and stairclimbers.  Immediately I was pissed off.  Don’t these nitwits know that there are endless roads to walk on and plenty of stairs to run up?! Why would you possibly get in your car and drive 15 minutes across town to WALK ON A GODDAMN TREADMILL?! Why not just walk to the gym and back? Are people really this stupid? You’re gonna pay the gym 50 bucks a month so you can…walk?… continue reading.

The Top 10 Speed Training Myths

Today we have a guest article from my friend and well respected colleague, Patrick Beith. Patrick is a world renowned speed coach who many coaches including myself, turn to when they have speed training questions. He is also having a huge sale for my readers which ends at midnight tonight. Check it out HERE. ********** The Top 10 Speed Training Myths by Patrick Beith 1. Static stretching prepares you to compete/practice Static stretching actually reduces power output. Athletes should prepare for practice by doing a dynamic warm up that moves from basic, low… continue reading.

The Way it Should Be Done

A few years ago a young kid walked into my gym by the name of Jeff D’Annunzio. He was a baseball player and wanted to get bigger and stronger in order to increase his chances of fulfilling his dream of playing college ball. From day one Jeff busted his ass and outworked everyone around him. I only had to show him how to do something once and he would master it immediately and do it from that day on with text book form. Eventually I started to use him as an example to help teach other kids. He even helped… continue reading.

Creating the Optimal Training Environment

A colleague of mine recently emailed me to ask about how I train football players in the summer. Below is a small portion of our exchange… ******** I know you will disagree with a few of the exercises used but as I said I am a realist and guys ALWAYS want to do curls so I give them a few sets a week. It makes them happy. I eliminated it for a while and guys were pissed and always asked when we could do arms. I believe in making everyone happy. Guys like to get a good pump too. continue reading.