World Champion Skimboarder, Austin Keen: Freedom, Fulfillment & Fun – Episode 298

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Austin Keen is a World Champion skimboarder and wakesurfer, successful entrepreneur, and a social media star with close to 1 million fans world-wide.

He has also been featured in commercials for an array of companies such as Jeep and Subaru and appeared on several popular TV shows including Comedy Central’s hit, “Tosh.0”.

Not bad for a guy who in 2007 packed his bags and left Georgia for California with nothing but his 1975 BMW and a dream of becoming a pro.

Listed in Surfer Today’s Most Influential in Wave Sports next to surfing legend, Kelly Slater, and virally shared more than any other athlete in the world, Austin is proof that fearless action coupled with hard work and perseverance is the recipe for success.

If you have a dream of your own, and would like to learn from a guy who has made his come true, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • Where did his love for sports come from? [4:03]
  • Why he was hooked after riding his first wave. [11:43]
  • What is the true definition of skimboarding? [13:14]
  • Why there is more to life than working to live: His path and mindset behind coming to California. [16:18]
  • The odd jobs he worked to get by while he pursued his dream.  [21:05]
  • When did he start making money from skimboarding? [24:46]
  • How to find your “center point”. [27:58]
  • The importance of doing things that fulfill your soul. [29:17]
  • Austin’s humbling journey from World Champion to businessman.  [30:38]
  • His path to financial success – challenges faced, lessons learned & more.  [42:46]
  • Was social media the biggest gift to his career? [41:58]
  • Tips to build your own audience on social. [49:09]
  • What is he currently putting his energy into? [54:08]
  • Why you must keep your body in motion. [58:27]
  • What are his non-negotiables? [1:01:55]


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