KETO 101 – The Right and Wrong Way to Do It with Yemeni Mesa – Episode 318

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Yemeni Mesa has spent his life pursuing two passions that are as different as night and day – his love for sugary, carby foods and all the pleasure it brings and an equal love for being lean, strong and healthy.  

These opposing forces put him on a mission to optimize his health without compromising on the great joy that food brings.  

In this episode of Renegade Radio the former bodybuilder, entrepreneur and founder of HEKA Good Foods shares some of his best strategies for enjoying food while still being jacked and strong.  

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Show Notes:

  • His earliest memory of wanting to be big and strong. [2:45]
  • His path from bodybuilding to medicine. [4:14]
  • How was he first introduced to Scott Connelly of Met-Rx? [6:12]
  • The fascinating career path he embarked upon after his time with Met-Rx. [9:00]
  • The BIG brands he has been associated with. [14:10]
  • His candid take on his time with Quest Nutrition. [16:40]
  • The growing pains of scaling a business. [19:50]
  • The passion and drive behind his new venture. [24:12]
  • When did he first start keto? [28:58]
  • Keto 101: The benefits, mistakes made, lessons learned & MORE. [32:35]
  • What did he change nutritionally, while being in ketosis, and training in a muscle building phase? [40:15]
  • How he trained while fasted. [43:15]
  • The importance of having sodium in your diet. [45:25]
  • Why he aims to feel better over being big and strong. [47:00]
  • Has he tried the carnivore diet? [48:37]
  • How does he fuel his workouts? [49:48]
  • Any essential supplements he recommends? [51:45]
  • His go-to supplement to take before any cheat meal. [52:55]
  • Why keto is NOT a diet, but rather a metabolic state. [54:57]
  • What does the future look like for HEKA Good Foods? [58:10]


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