Top 25 Muscle Building Exercises, My Push/Pull/Legs Split, Fixing Achy Joints – 363

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

We’re back this week with another info packed Q&A episode thanks to the great questions you guys sent me.  

We cover the best muscle building exercises, the Push/Pull/Legs split that I do personally and prescribe to many of my clients, how to fix tight shoulders and a lot more.

If you want to know more about how to build a strong and jacked body, without wrecking your joints to get it, this one’s for you!  

Scroll Down for Show Notes:


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Show Notes:

  • My favorite exercises for a Push/Pull/Legs split
  • The fix for tight shoulders (and what to stay away from)
  • How the hell can you finally build your upper chest?  
  • How to heal banged up knees and prevent future issues
  • An upper/lower split for a muscle growth AND healthy joints
  • The time I tried to “steal” Jay-Z’s necklace


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