How to Be Jacked & Athletic with WWE Strength Coach, Sean Hayes – Episode 320

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

As the WWE Performance Center’s Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sean Hayes is helping shape the physiques of NXT recruits and some of pro wrestling’s most recognizable superstars.

The Harvard Grad, former linebacker, and former NFL Strength Coach knows what it takes to get people jacked, strong and ready to perform in any arena.

If you’ve ever wondered how pro wrestlers build such amazing bodies, and more importantly how you can build one of your own, this episode is for you!

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Show Notes:

  • His journey into strength and conditioning and how it transformed into a career. [5:02]
  • Sean’s thoughts on his time spent working for Penn State. [9:18]
  • What was it like coaching in the NFL? [17:28]
  • How his training systems have evolved at each level. [20:42]
  • How the psychology of collegiate athletes compares to the pros in the NFL. [26:47]
  • How he became the head S&C Coach of the WWE Performance Center. [31:29]
  • The moving parts involved in training a WWE superstar. [43:12]
  • What does a day and week of training look like when you’re coached by Sean? [50:51]
  • Coaches listen up – understanding when to check your ego at the door. [57:02]
  • What training template would he recommend for a 45-year-old stockbroker? [1:01:38]
  • The recovery tools required for the average Joe. [1:04:45]
  • The lost art of programming for what your body needs. [1:11:17]


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