The Key to Human Resilience with NY Times Best-selling Author, Scott Carney – Episode 342

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Scott Carney is an investigative journalist, anthropologist, and NY times bestselling author of several incredible books including “What Doesn’t Kill Us,” and his latest, “The Wedge: Evolution, Consciousness, Stress, and The Key to Human Resilience.” 

He has worked closely with daredevil fitness guru, “The Iceman,” Wim Hof to learn breathing techniques and to intentionally place himself into the most uncomfortable situations imaginable, in the name of building almost superhuman levels of endurance and resilience.  

He has traveled the globe to explore the human body’s potential.  Confronting fear at a cutting-edge neuroscience laboratory.  Tossing heavy kettlebells with a behemoth Russian partner.  Submerging his entire body in ice water in the middle of the Polish mountains.  These intense experiences have helped Scott transcend his former limitations and discover a technique called “The Wedge” that can give a person an edge in just about any situation.  

If you want to learn how to crush your own limitations and start down the road to discovering your ultimate potential, this episode is for YOU!

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Show Notes:

  • What is “The Wedge” and how did “The Iceman,” Wim Hof inspire it? [2:35]
  • Lessons learned from Wim Hof and how they can benefit you.  [5:10]
  • What other extreme habits has he adopted and how do they help?  [13:15]
  • The power of spending time in a float tank.  [16:13]
  • Why you can’t experience real comfort without first putting yourself in uncomfortable places.  [22:35]
  • The importance of consistently participating in your own “YES” time.  [25:03]
  • Why you may want someone to throw a kettlebell at you.  (Seriously…)  [26:23]
  • What is flow state and why should you care?   [31:37]
  • Breathing techniques and other hacks to improve your sleep and boost your performance.  [34:27]
  • A simple way to improve your focus and cognitive function.  [37:10]
  • How you can benefit from “The Wedge,” especially in these uncertain times.  [40:19]


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