How to Train & Look Like an MMA Fighter with Phil Daru – Episode 325

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Phil Daru is a rapidly rising strength coach for professional MMA athletes.

He coaches athletes on strength and conditioning, sports specific performance, body transformation (build muscle and lose fat), and fitness.

Maybe you never plan to step into the octagon yourself but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like you could.

To learn how, listen to this awesome episode!

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Show Notes:

  • Phil’s athletic background and how he fell in love with MMA and training. [7:50]
  • The story behind his first gym. [17:25]
  • Building the mold of the team atmosphere. [21:15]
  • The moment he had to make a proper decision in his life. [23:24]
  • The importance of learning from experience. [26:05]
  • How did building relationships help Phil grow his business?  [28:09]
  • Why did he transition from fighter to coach?  [33:00]
  • Important business lessons for trainers. [36:00]
  • What is the Daru system he teaches his athletes?  [39:10]
  • How would he train the average 35-year-old male? [45:34]
  • How to make max effort lifts safer.  [52:34]
  • His go-to recovery methods. [54:35]
  • How his athletes stay fueled properly during training camps. [56:23]
  • His take on CTE, past concussions and staying up on the latest research. [58:19]
  • How to train like a fighter. [1:02:50]


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