Dream Big, Never Quit with Marc Megna – Episode 321

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Marc Megna was never afraid to dream big.

During his pro football career the retired NFL Linebacker was coached by some of the greatest in the game, including Bill Belichick, Bill Parcels, Pete Carroll and Dick Lebeau. The lessons he learned from these legends would carry over to his second act in life.

After designing training programs for teammates, he realized he could make a career out of his passion for fitness.

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Show Notes:

  • Why growing up he wanted to be a great athlete. [2:15]
  • The evolution of his football career and recap of his NFL experience. [7:10]
  • What inspired his transition from the NFL to the fitness industry?  [21:36]
  • The highs and lows of his transformation into personal training. [25:58]
  • Tips on how to create a positive company culture. [34:18]
  • Business advice on building the ultimate gym. [39:54]
  • What does his day to day schedule look like? [42:38]
  • How many clients does he train daily? [45:20]
  • Do his body architects have a particular training program they follow? [46:46]
  • How does he stay healthy and lean? [48:01]
  • What does a max effort/upper body workout look like? [50:42]
  • How has his training changed over the years? [53:25]
  • What tools does he use for recovery? [55:44]
  • Defying the odds. The journey behind his latest book and documentary. [58:00]
  • Taking time to smell the roses. [1:04:15]


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