Chasing Glory, Learning Every Day, and the Power of Positivity with Lilian Garcia – Episode 230

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

This episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast features my good friend, multi-talented singer, songwriter, host, television personality, producer and performer, Lilian Garcia. She first captured the hearts of millions as a WWE announcer and singer, best known for hosting the #1 rated television show, Monday Night Raw. She was the first person to sing the National Anthem in a public venue (and on TV in front of millions) after 9/11. And she is now the host of the acclaimed Chasing Glory podcast.

We talk about her rise to fame and the importance of “just going with it.” She goes into great detail about her time in the WWE, women in the sport, and the significance of communication in all aspects of her life. Learn essential life/business skills and mindset tips you need to succeed in all aspects of your life.

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Show Notes:

  • Raw 25 and being a woman in the WWE. (4:02)
  • Her superhero origin story and how she took each opportunity and just went with it. (7:40)
  • The “attitude era” and ways she improved her skills on the job. (25:49)
  • Her personal struggle getting along with the female wrestlers, stemming from the culture shock of moving from Spain to South Carolina. (27:25)
  • “I’m not going to change who I am.” Practical ways to improve your communication skills and the importance of treating people the way you would want to be treated. (31:45)
  • What it was like working with The Rock, getting Samoan dropped, and many more memories from the Attitude Era. (44:21)
  • “Everybody needed a healing moment.” From singing the national anthem after 9/11, to singing to soldiers in Iraq; the importance of giving people that outlet to take their minds off things. (54:05)
  • “I learn every day and ride the wave.” Find the balance for your life. Essential life skills she has learned and practical tips improve your own. (1:01:40)
  • Don’t let your circumstances define who you are. Simplify your life and own your morning. (1:12:00)
  • She talks her favorite books. (1:25:55)
  • Don’t wait until you have a million dollars to donate. Creating energy flow and the power of giving back to others in need. (1:23:00)
  • Chasing Glory. What she is currently working on that has her excited? (1:29:09)


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