WWE Superstar, Becky Lynch on Chasing Your Dreams, Getting Fit, and Constantly Evolving – Episode 186

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

The first WWE Women’s Smackdown Champion, and of the nicest people you could ever meet, Becky Lynch is my guest on today’s Renegade Radio Podcast.

Becky is a total badass who left home at 15 to pursue her dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Along the way, she got into bodybuilding, became a personal trainer, worked as a flight attendant, took acting classes, became a stuntwoman, took a seven-year layoff… and then finally made it to WWE.

The culmination of her journey and hard work was when she became the first ever, WWE Women’s Smackdown Champion.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • The decision to leave home at 15
  • Her first experience at wrestling camp
  • When she first realized that this was what she wanted to do with her life
  • Her time training with Finn Balor
  • What finally led to the NXT tryout
  • The night that she got called up to the main WWE roster
  • Does she prefer to work as a heel (bad guy) or face (good guy)
  • The injuries she’s suffered in the ring
  • The importance of connecting with the crowd and how she does it
  • Her all time favorite in-ring performers and talkers
  • How her workouts have evolved over the years
  • What her diet is like and how she sticks to it on the road
  • Her daily routine and the importance of journaling
  • How she constantly strives to get better on a daily basis
  • How much longer will she wrestle and what will be next when she retires

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