How to Unf*ck Yourself

Posted by Jason Ferruggia


About 8 years ago I was hospitalized with panic and anxiety attacks.

I made some major changes to my life immediately after…but old habits have a way of sneaking back in if you don’t stay on top of things.

Last December I felt myself slipping only I didn’t do anything about it. I kept soldiering on and trying to plow through like I always do.

Big mistake.

Come mid January my anxiety and stress was bubbling over and nearly at an all time high.

I was in desperate need of a break.

In this episode my good friend, actor Jay Jablonski joins me for a candid discussion on what went wrong, how I caught it,  and how you can also unf*ck yourself.

Topics include:

  • Hammer time & the jacket that doesn’t come off [3:07].
  • The effects of Cool Water Cologne [11:45].
  • The value of unplugging [14:04].
  • The birth of my stress, anxiety and intensity [22:04].
  • How your daily routine affects your sleep [30:11].
  • Moving toward a more minimalist lifestyle [31:11].
  • Being honest with yourself and not having goals [39:17].
  • Growing up in a hot tempered Italian family in Jersey [42:52].
  • The people I prejudge the most (hint: they’re just like me) [50:48].
  • Why you should travel alone just once [56:12].
  • Eliminating self doubt and focusing on what’s important to you [1:01:35].
  • How to define success and happiness [1:02:41].
  • Making a decision is not saying let’s think about it [1:08:03].
  • My take on the Royal rumble, and my Super Bowl picks [1:10:21].
  • Movies that changed my life [1:14:19].
  • What I’m listening to now when I train [1:19:38].

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