Cardio & Mobility Guidelines, Adrenal Fatigue, & The Happiness Formula

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

JFActor, Jay Jablonski is back in studio with me this week and we attempted to film this episode for you.

Unfortunately things went awry, as you’ll hear when you listen.

Still, we soldiered on and discussed the current NFL playoff situation, what I find bizarre and fascinating about Jablonski, my Jon Snow freak out, wasting time on Facebook, phone alerts, life lessons from Fight Club, and more.


We also answered your questions and covered topics such as:

  • Playoff predictions, Bieber’s boat and the Giant’s game [3:10].
  • Social media, the news, and the need to unplug [4:47].
  • Review of Craig Ballantyne’s book, “The Perfect Day Formula”[9:12].
  • Jablonski’s acting role in the new film,”Doolittle’s Heroes” [12:40].
  • Adapting to living with diagnosed and undiagnosed A.D.H.D [13:55].
  • What kind of training he is doing currently [16:10].
  • The importance of finding your ideal circle of friends [19:06].
  • Learning to accept the gift of a compliment [19:59].
  • Vacationing in Cabo, trying the Graston Technique and the new craze, “Shape Houses” [23:33].
  • Cryo therapy vs. float lab, my favorite recovery method [24:54].
  • Overcoming cystic fibrosis [26:32].
  • Weeding out the negative people in your life [28:13].
  • The 5 keys to being happy [35:29].
  • A story about what’s really important in life [36:30].
  • 2 things newbies should do when they start working out [41:30].
  • The perfect time to do cardio [42:51].
  • A mobility routine you should do every day [45:10].
  • The one thing I’d implement on my first day as president [47:14].
  • My pet chimp [48:45].
  • Jackie Robinson [50:00].
  • How to stay healthy this winter [50:46].
  • Working in the family business [52:20].
  • Best replacement for hill sprints & the cure for adrenal fatigue [54:10].
  • Dating advice from an impatient love doctor [56:45].
  • Overcoming social anxiety [58:48].
  • Essential advice that gets ignored by everyone [1:00:14].
  • Prop 64  [1:05:00].

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