NFL’s Fittest Man, Steve Weatherford

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

true-muscle-meet-your-trainer-steve-weatherfordToday’s podcast is an inspirational discussion with former Super Bowl Champ and NFL’s Fittest Man, Steve Weatherford. Steve played professionally from 2006 to 2015, most notably as a member of my favorite team, the New York Giants.

He was known for his incredible strength, athleticism and physique. Since his playing days ended he’s been on a mission to get even more jacked than ever and looks like he could step on a bodybuilding stage at any given moment. He’s also become a highly sought after motivational speaker and one of the top social media influencers of his generation.

Steve stopped by the HQ last Friday night and we kicked it for about almost four hours. Luckily we got half of it recorded and it’s up now for you to listen to.

Topics Include:

  • His experience with Aerial Yoga and flexibility [3:59]
  • His earlier years as an athlete in elementary school and high school [4:32]
  • Putting on 118 LBs in 4 years during high school [4:59]
  • His first experiences with sports as a kid [6:02]
  • What he learned going to an all black school as a kid [7:03]
  • How he transitioned from soccer to football [10:11]
  • Living with A.D.H.D. as a kid and an adult [15:20]
  • Comparing your life to the highlight reel of other’s lives [22:48]
  • The secret to bodybuilding and seeing results [29:30]
  • Steve’s workout regimen [31:45]
  • The value in getting advice from mentors [32:35]
  • His friendship with John Carney [40:51]
  • The NFL Lockout, Free Agency and his decision to stay in New York [44:19]
  • How to balance self awareness and achievements [51:42]
  • Avoiding negativity in the news and social media [54:44]
  • His experience in the television industry [55:54]
  • Football choosing him, achieving a goal, and inspiring people [57:47]
  • His relationship with Steve Gleason [1:07:00]
  • His experience playing in the Super Bowl [1:09:30]
  • Getting laid out on a return playing in Soldier Field against the bears [1:18:02]
  • Analysis of Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. [1:20:42]
  • His prediction on who will win the Super Bowl [1:32:11]
  • His New Year resolutions of 2016: Communicating, family time, reading and bigger arms [1:33:34]
  • The beginning of his 90 day plan “ARMageddon” [1:37:10]
  • The formula for prosperity [1:40:52]
  • His birthday and the ARMageddon Meet up [1:43:55]
  • His nutritional plan and habits [1:48:10]
  • How important it is to be held accountable [1:55:40]
  • Success habits: Saying three gratitudes daily [1:57:48]
  • Mapping out goals and self assessing [2:00:26]

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