Escape Your Limits with Matthew Januszek – Episode 293

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it takes to build an ultra-successful fitness business (or any business, for that matter) this episode is going to change the game for you.

Matthew Januszek has been an entrepreneur for 25 years and he’s still going strong. He has built multiple successful businesses in UK, Germany, Poland and the United States.

He’s the co-founder of Escape Fitness, which he has taken from a start up with minimal capital to a major international business chosen by premier fitness brands around the world. Escape has helped improve the bottom lines of over 1,000 fitness clubs and key distributors in 80 countries and become known for helping deliver the best possible exercise experiences.

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Show Notes:

  • How the cult classic, “Pumping Iron” and a set of crutches started his fitness journey. [1:19]
  • How did he train as beginner and who were his biggest influences? [4:34]
  • Full body workouts 7 days a week as an over 40 lifter? Why it works for Matt. [7:12]
  • How does he manage to recover from frequent training and a hectic schedule? [12:09]
  • Why his nutrition is based on practicality and sustainability. [13:49]
  • How did Poland and his love for fitness eventually make him a millionaire? [17:17]
  • A family affair: The humble beginnings of Escape Fitness. [20:35]
  • The importance of gaining clarity and focusing on your ONE thing. [22:50]
  • Are there times in business when you shouldn’t make a quick decision? [25:53]
  • How fitness has improved Matt’s life and shaped the core values of Escape Fitness. [29:04]
  • What does a “normal” work week look like for man who has built a 33 million dollar a year fitness biz? [32:32]
  • What makes a gym successful and a coach great? [37:00]
  • How can you create a better experience for your customers and keep them coming back for more? [42:44]
  • What’s the better business model, group training or one on one, high end coaching? [46:23]
  • Tips for setting your intention, staying productive and creating winning daily rituals. [50:27]
  • What are some of his biggest takeaways from doing the Escape Your Limits Podcast? [53:28]


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